Map. History of France conflict

21 February 2018
France's Macron to make state visit to US in late April: diplomatic sources
France calls on Iran-backed groups operating in Syria, including Hezbollah, to leave the country
France says 'all indications' point to use of chlorine weapons by Syrian government
French foreign minister says all the signs right show chlorine being used as a weapon in Syria at the moment
France's Macron confronts Corsica's calls for more autonomy
Salah Abdeslam has told the court he will not show up to his trial on Thursday when it resumes. The judge asked him Monday why he bothered if he wasn't going to answer any questions and he said because he'd been asked. But his presence is not mandatory
Abdeslam says won't return to Brussels trial on Thursday: court
Police have detained a gunman, who had opened fire on a street in the French city of Marseille
Paris suspect Abdeslam: 'I am not afraid of you, I put my trust in Allah'
Paris suspect Abdeslam: 'Silence doesn't make me a criminal'
Amazon announces tax deal with French government
Hundreds of people waiting to get inside brussels Palais de Justice for " procès Abdeslam"
Belgium is on high alert as the last surviving suspect in the 2015 Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam, is to stand trial in Brussels
A French court decides to imprison Tareq Ramadan, grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, after being charged with rape
Police reinforcements are arriving in the French port city of Calais after clashes among migrants
French President Emmanuel Macron arrives in Dakar for Global Partnership for Education talks as Rihanna presses world leaders on funding commitments2 week ago
French President Emmanuel Macron arrives in Dakar for Global Partnership for Education talks as Rihanna presses world leaders on funding commitments
Two army helicopters collide around 30 miles northwest of Saint-Tropez in southern France, killing at least five people, rescue operation ongoing to find a six passenger.
Two French military helicopters crash in southeast of country – security and local authority sources
Five dead after two army helicopters crash in France: investigators
French president may visit Moscow ahead of St. Petersburg economic forum - RIA cites French ambassador
At least four people have been shot after a fight involving more than 100 Eritreans and Afghans erupted in Calais
France to finance exports to Iran, aims to sidestep U.S. sanctions
France says urgent that Russia and Iran as "allies of Damascus government" make arrangements to end bombing, enable humanitarian aid into Idlib, Eastern Ghouta
2 week ago
Turkish foreign minister considers France's reminders to Turkey about its operation into Syria an insult
Rape-accused Islam scholar Tariq Ramadan detained in Paris: legal source
Macron warns Turkey against 'invasion' of Syria
French President Emmanuel Macron says Turkey must coordinate with Europeans, allies on Northern Syrian operation
Nearly 1,500 evacuated in Paris region as rising Seine poses flood risk
Tonight, from midnight, the Eiffel Tower's lights will be switched off to pay tribute to the victims of the Kabul attack
Belgium says Paris attacks suspect Bakkali handed over to France