Map. History of France conflict

21 January 2018
Death toll from collision between train and bus in southern France rises to six - source close to investigation
Death toll from French school bus crash at level crossing rises to 6: police source
Dead and injured in a train crash with a school bus in France
Deadly collision at #Millas: The identification of the victims has been completed. 4 dead, 10 wounded in intensive care, 10 in light condition have been transferred to the hospitals of Perpignan, Toulouse and Montpellier according to the last toll
At least four children have died after a train collided with a school bus in southern France
French Interior Ministry says collision of train and school bus leaves 4 children dead; 19 injured, 7 seriously
Paris suspect Abdeslam's lawyer asks for next week's trial in Belgium to be postponed
Saudi Arabia pledges $100 mn for Sahel anti-terror force: Macron
Saudi Arabia, UAE pledge to provide $130 million to fight jihadi threat in Africa's Sahel region.
France's Le Drian says 'no' to Iran Mediterranean axis
"We're losing the battle" against global warming, French President Macron tells "One Planet" summit in Paris
1 month ago
French government dampens Corsican nationalists' autonomy hopes
France's Macron calls for 'much stronger mobilisation' on climate
Macron told that Trump's decision to withdraw from Paris accord was a "deep wake-up call for the private sector" to take action. "If we decide to not change our way to produce, to invest, to behave, we will be responsible for billions of victims"
1 month ago
Eighteen climate scientists from the U.S. and elsewhere hit the jackpot as French President Emmanuel Macron awarded them millions of euros in grants to relocate to France for the rest of Donald Trump's presidential term
Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger rides a bike through the streets of Paris before speaking at an environmental summit: It doesn't matter that Donald Trump backed out of the Paris Agreement1 month ago
Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger rides a bike through the streets of Paris before speaking at an environmental summit: "It doesn't matter that Donald Trump backed out of the Paris Agreement"
PARIS (AP) — France's Macron awards grants worth millions to climate scientists from U.S., other nations to counter Trump.
[email protected] and @NicolasDHUICQ, French MPs who repeatedly travelled to Russia and occupied Crimea at Moscow's expense, propagate debunked report of Ukraine using white phosphorous on water filter station near Donetsk
Indian police arrests French journalist after filming in Kashmir
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris following the US decision on Jerusalem
Official in France says a ferry has run aground at Calais Port
Basque protesters in Paris demand ETA prisoner rights
1 month ago
Corsican voters head to the polls for regional elections, likely to elect nationalists who demand more freedom for the French island
Frence's main opposition party, The Republicans, chooses new leader in a bid to stem Macron's momentum
Kurds in France, Germany demanded Ocelan's freedom, condemned Makhmour's attack
Department of State:Earlier today, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Lebanese Prime Minister @saadhariri during the International Support Group (ISG) for Lebanon ministerial in Paris, France.
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson meets French President @EmmanuelMacron to underscore the United States' appreciation for France's stalwart partnership as we work together to address crises across the globe.
Lebanon's Hariri says any breach of the disassociation agreement will drag Lebanon back into "danger zone"
France's foreign minister says Lebanon contact group calls all Lebanese parties to implement disassociation policy
French President Macron appeals for calm over US Jerusalem embassy move