30 November 2023
"This must not be a humanitarian operation in the hands of Russia" stressed this morning President Macron on the humanitarian operation currently planned by France, Greece and Turkey for Mariupol. "There is an international humanitarian law that we intend to enforce"
Macron warns against verbal 'escalation' with Moscow after Biden labels Putin a 'butcher' over Ukraine
Macron: I hope to speak with Putin in the coming hours about plans to evacuate Mariupol
France summons Russian ambassador over 'unacceptable' tweet: foreign ministry
1 year ago
Essonne - Aggression of police officers in Viry-Châtillon: Two young men who had appealed in cassation definitively sentenced to 18 years' imprisonment for attempted murder of these officials
Joint statement on Kosovo issued by France, Germany, Italy, UK and US
Macron denounces Russia's use of "explosive weapons" against civilians
1 year ago
Corsica: Yvan Colonna died. The anger of the separatists has inflamed the island since the day of its assault in prison by a jihadist prisoner. Since then, protests and violence
President Biden had a call with the leaders of UK, France, Germany and Italy from 11:14 am ET to 12:12 pm ET, according to the @WhiteHouse
French Finance Minister: Sanctions target the Russian economy and Putin
French Finance Minister: We hope to get out of the energy price shock in the coming months
The Pentagon: The aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman takes part in naval exercises with France
The Elysee: The French President shared with Putin his grave concern about Mariupol and again demanded an immediate commitment to the ceasefire
Macron is currently on another call with Putin. This is their 15th call (or meeting) since the start of 2022
1 year ago
President Zelensky: continued dialogue with President @EmmanuelMacron. Discussed support to Ukrainian people against Russian aggression, among other in defense
Paris: the Ministry of Finance partially evacuated due to a terrorist threat
President Macron on the army: "We need to step up our investments to be able to face a high-intensity war that can return to our continent"
Emmanuel Macron: "We can be the first great nation to be free from dependence on gas, oil and coal"
1 year ago
Corsica: 130 gendarmes were wounded. Calm must return. As long as there is violence, there will be no rapprochement. - My first concern is that there are no deaths, says Gerald Darmanin in a press conference in Ajaccio
Brittany: the police evacuate the Lorient oil depot1 year ago
Brittany: the police evacuate the Lorient oil depot
The World Health Organization said Wednesday that healthcare facilities and personnel were being attacked at an unprecedented rate in the conflict in Ukraine. A Russian air strike destroyed a children's hospital in Mariupol on March 9
Police in Corsica claim small explosive devices were used today by pro-independence demonstrators in Bastia1 year ago
Police in Corsica claim small explosive devices were used today by pro-independence demonstrators in Bastia
Reports now of as many as 44 police officers injured in today's clashes in Bastia, Corsica1 year ago
Reports now of as many as 44 police officers injured in today's clashes in Bastia, Corsica
Video allegedly showing French volunteer fighting for Ukraine and seized Russian armored vehicle
Macron, Scholz urge Putin to end siege of Mariupol: French presidency
The French presidency rejects Putin's accusations that Ukraine violated humanitarian law and considers them "lies"
French President Macron and German Chancellor Schultz after phone call with Russian President: Putin does not have a desire to end the war
1 year ago
Macron: Continued war in Ukraine means more sanctions
Elysee: Macron and Blinken agreed to make the cost of the war on Russia greater to stop the fighting
Paris - Demonstration for women's rights. March 8: Giant sit-in at 3:40 p.m., the time when for the same job, women start working for free