30 November 2023
Macron assures the Ukrainian President that France will continue to provide Kyiv with defensive weapons and aid
Confirmed: Real-time network data show regional disruptions to internet connectivity in France on multiple providers leaving users in parts of the country offline; the incident is being attributed by operators and authorities to acts of sabotage on fibre infrastructure
1 year ago
In just a few days, the man who claimed to be a policeman from the financial brigade of Avignon extracted several hundred or even thousands of euros from each of his victims
Elysee: Macron discussed with Biden by phone the developments of the war in Ukraine
1 year ago
Vučić congratulates Macron: France can count on Serbia as a sincere friend and partner
Ipsos projects Macron has won the French election on 58.2% to Le Pen's 41.8% - slightly above expectations and making him the first French president in 20 years to win reelection
1,400 journalists accredited to the Champ de Mars for Emmanuel Macron, 500 to the Bois de Boulogne for Marine LePen
1 year ago
Le Pen wins Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana in final round of French presidential election; voting continues on the mainland
Voting begins in the second round of the French presidential election
Ukrainian troops (40 soldiers) begin training in France with Caesar 155mm 52-caliber self-propelled howitzers donated by France, said Macron in @OuestFrance
1 year ago
Germany, Portugal, Spain leaders urge French to back Macron
France's Macron accuses rival Le Pen of being 'dependent' on Russia during a debate ahead of presidential elections
French elections: Thousands march against Macron, Le Pen People in Paris protest against presidential candidates Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen during a national mobilisation eight days before the election second round
1 year ago
President Zelensky:Held negotiations with French President @EmmanuelMacron. Discussed the investigation of Russian crimes
1 year ago
Dmytro Kuleba:Spoke with my French counterpart @JY_LeDrian. Grateful to France for supporting the oil embargo on Russia at the level of the EU. Ukraine is convinced that this step needs to be taken as soon as possible. I highly appreciate France's decision to return its ambassador to Kyiv
French Minister of the Armed Forces: Exchange with my Ukrainian colleague @oleksiireznikov. I congratulated him on the courage and determination of Ukrainians to defend their country. The successes recorded in the north of the country show that this effort is paying off. France has been alongside the Ukrainian people from the start. We have delivered more than €100 million worth of military equipment
Defense Minister: France will send additional military aid to Ukraine
French investigators in Bucha
France expels six suspected Russian spies in diplomatic roles, official says
Detachment of technical and scientific gendarmes who came to assist Ukrainian people in the investigations of war crimes committed around Kyiv. France first to provide such aid. They will be at work tomorrow.
Macron: I call for overcoming differences and rallying around a united national movement for the sake of our country
Macron: I support the project of the independence of Europe and the continuation of its progress and openness
The first estimates of the results of the 1st Round of Presidential elections in France
The French Ministry of the Interior: 65% of the voter turnout in the French elections until five in the evening
1 year ago
Avignon: a student arrested for apologizing for terrorism
The French president casts his vote in the presidential elections
Presidential: Prime Minister Jean Castex votes in Prades
1 year ago
Serbian president confirmed that Serbia is negotiating with @Dassault_OnAir for a year for 12 newly produced Rafales, but wants 12 more used. A third 12-plane squadron of an unsp. OEM is also being considered. Serbia will also purchase the Baykar TB-2 and Chinese CH-95 UCAV's
France calls strike on Ukraine rail station a 'crime against humanity'
New EU sanctions package against Russia to 'include oil and coal': French minister