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20 Abril 2018
4 minuto atrás
La Vanguardia reports former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is considering a proposal from Ciudadanos to become their candidate for Mayor of Barcelona
15 hora atrás
Germany, France won't seek special trade deal with U.S. - Scholz
Merkel tells @EmmanuelMacron need 'ability to compromise' - but her ability to do just that limited by own @cdu party MPs worried about German tax money20 hora atrás
Merkel tells @EmmanuelMacron need 'ability to compromise' - but her ability to do just that limited by own @cdu party MPs worried about German tax money
20 hora atrás
[email protected]: The banking union is part of European convergence and solidarity, but solidarity does not work without responsibility
21 hora atrás
Chancellor Angela Merkel speaking with President @EmmanuelMacron: We can find a solution in the development of the European banking unionwe can have a common protection system for funds, we need solidarity in Europe
Libya- first official announcement by France regarding Haftar since he was hospitalized states that he is "in good health condition"
Instead of just telling travellers how dangerous different parts of the world are, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows them in maps.23 hora atrás
Instead of just telling travellers how dangerous different parts of the world are, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows them in maps.
2 día atrás
Germany and France will seek "common solutions" on Eurozone by June, says Merkel
[email protected] speaking at @AssembleeNat: By signing CETA Canada and the EU chose a progressive approach towards trade that creates jobs, protects the environment it's a partnership that goes beyond any other trade agreement
2 día atrás
[email protected]: Those who are ambitious on monetary/finance reforms should be allowed to go forward. If we always wait for all the member states, we wouldn't be here Need greater institutional integration in Eurozone, otherwise Europe cannot go forward
[email protected] on EU trade policy: it should be coherent with other EU goals. Environmental, sanitary and social values should always be reflected in European trade agreements and policies
2 día atrás
[email protected]: A Europe that protects is the basis of European sovereignty To build a Europe that protects, we need convergence in European social and fiscal policies
2 día atrás
El Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de Francia dice que es esencial que Siria dé acceso completo e inmediato al sitio de Douma a los inspectores químicos de la ONU
2 día atrás
[email protected] on Brexit: Closest relationship with the UK is important, however there is no 'cherry-picking' in the single market
Es muy probable que la prueba haya desaparecido del sitio del ataque del 7 de abril en Douma, Siria - Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de Francia
Macron se inquietó por las huelgas de Siria en el Parlamento Europeo, diciendo que "tres países (Francia, Estados Unidos, Reino Unido) salvó el honor de la comunidad internacional"
2 día atrás
[email protected] on European democracy and EP elections: Let's use transnational lists, its leaders could be the 'Spitzenkandidaten'
2 día atrás
[email protected] on Western Balkans: EU should not allow them to move closer to Turkey or Russia, but enlargement should happen only after deep reforms of the EU
[email protected] on migration policy: this will not only be solved at national level We need solidarity both inside and outside Europe. Macron's suggested immigration reforms have for goal to bring French system closer to German system
2 día atrás
[email protected] opens response to @EmmanuelMacron with support for missile strike on Syria but notes it was France and UK to act, highlighting EU weakness" "There is still no European Army and equally we must say our foreign policy is occasionally an illusion"
[email protected] at @Europarl_EN: Recent cases (Syria, Facebook scandal, etc.) are proof that we need a strengthening of European institutions and legislation, we need more than just actions of member states
[email protected]: The people must decide who will become the next President of European Commission Those who want to become Commissioners should run for the EP next year, let the citizens decide who will run the Commission
2 día atrás
[email protected] at @Europarl_EN: True democracy is not happening only at heads of state meetings, it means more than just a meeting between Germany and France. True democracy is when every citizen is given a vote and when different views are represented
3 día atrás
[email protected] at @Europarl_EN: Europe is an ensemble, it should not be dividedit is also not only Franco-German. "We are 28, soon to be 27"
3 día atrás
[email protected]: Citizens' consultations should be a pan-European movement, not only in France. Europe deserves a deep democratic debate
Macron calls for 'European sovereignty' in face of authoritarianism
Macron proposes EU fund for communities that take refugees
"I don't want to belong to a generation of sleep walkers, a generation that has forgetten its past." says @EmmanuelMacron
3 día atrás
"We can't refuse to talk about Europe and blame Strasbourg and Brussels for everything that's bad". @EmmanuelMacron wants to embrace a new project for the EU. But unlike in the past no word on a Eurozone finance minister yet at European Parliament
3 día atrás
France is willing to increase its contribution to the EU budget but we need new sources of funding: @EmmanuelMacron at EP
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