25 July 2024
French troops will become a target for the Russian army if they find themselves in the Ukrainian conflict zone - Russian Foreign Ministry2 month ago
French troops will become a target for the Russian army if they find themselves in the Ukrainian conflict zone - Russian Foreign Ministry
French Foreign Ministry: Summons the Russian ambassador over a "misinformation campaign"
Chinese President: The main priority in Gaza is to ensure the delivery of aid
Chinese President: The main way out of the current crisis is to implement the two-state solution
Chinese President: The urgent task is to reach a comprehensive ceasefire in Gaza as quickly as possible
2 month ago
Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned Ambassador of France
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Paris reiterates that any forced displacement of the civilian population is a war crime
French Foreign Ministry: Paris renews its opposition to the Israeli attack on Rafah
Macron: We will discuss with the Chinese President the developments in Ukraine and the Middle East, and it is necessary to coordinate on these issues
Macron to Chinese President: The international situation makes the dialogue between the European Union and Beijing more important than ever
Reuters: French police enter the University of Sciences in Paris to evacuate pro-Palestinian activists
Macron stresses the protection of "strategic interests" in relations with China
France President Macron says again he does not rule out deploying forces to Ukraine if Russia breaks the frontlines
The atmosphere tenses at the head of the procession with the appearance of dozens of individuals dressed in black, hooded or masked
French Foreign Minister: Paris and Cairo's message to Tel Aviv is not to carry out an attack in Rafah
Between 15,000 and 30,000 demonstrators are expected in the procession for International Workers' Day which will leave from Place de la République at 2 p.m. to go to Nation
French Foreign Minister from Riyadh: The situation in Gaza is catastrophic and the fire must be stopped
French Foreign Minister: The catastrophic situation in Gaza requires reaching a ceasefire agreement
Macron calls for a joint "European loan" to invest in armaments
Macron urges European countries to develop a "credible" joint defense strategy
Macron: We must develop European cybersecurity capacity
Macron: Europe must show that it is not subordinate to the United States
French President: There is a danger that Europe will die
Macron recalled to Kurti 'France's unwavering support for the independence and European integration of Kosovo'. He underlined 'the importance that France attaches, in context of application to @coe to rapid and irreversible progress in creating Assoc of Serbian Municipalities'
3 month ago
A boat with more than 100 migrants has sunk in the English Channel
French media: 5 migrants died while trying to cross the English Channel
French Presidency: Paris is constantly working to stop the escalation between Israel and Lebanon
Lebanon’s caretaker Prime Minister @Najib_Mikati, French President @EmmanuelMacron discuss Lebanon crisis as Army chief presents military needs in Paris talks
French prosecutors say the attacker of the Iranian consulate acted alone
French police are in an operation aimed at securing the vicinity of the Iranian consulate in Paris