30 November 2023
A university student was stabbed in the university city of Paris and the police detained the suspect
Burkina Faso confirms having requested the withdrawal of French troops
French Foreign Minister: It is time as Europeans to respond to Iran's hostage policy
Macron and Scholz departing the Élysée palace together in one car. Last item on today's agenda is a privat dinner in Macron's favorite brasserie
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday reaffirmed the importance of their nations' postwar alliance, despite strains created by Russia's invasion of Ukraine
President @EmmanuelMacron says - standing next to @Bundeskanzler - that he does not exclude the idea of France providing Leclerc tanks to Ukraine
10 month ago
Statement of French and German defence ministers: "To develop the capacity of both armies to deploy together, to project two Franco-German battalions from the Franco-German Brigade for exercises in Romania & Lithuania, and to conduct a bilateral naval exercise in the Indo-Pacific in 2024
France & Germany "support the deployment of the high-speed train route between Paris and Berlin, as well as a night train service, both for 2024," announced after a meeting in Paris between Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz
"We have to fear that this war will last a very long time," says Scholz in Paris. But still no clear text on Leopard deliveries - any decision only closely coordinated with partners like the USA. Macron a little clearer on French tanks: "Nothing is excluded
In Toulouse, the procession of the demonstration against the pension reform is already almost assembled and ready to leave
10 month ago
President Zelensky:Had a long and detailed conversation with President of France @EmmanuelMacron on the current situation. Thanked for the decision to transfer light tanks and Bastion APCs to Ukraine, as well as for intensifying work with partners in the same direction
The defense ministers of Poland and France approved a contract for the supply of two observation satellites with a receiving station in Poland
Chaos in the center of Paris, vehicles overturned and set on fire. Ongoing clashes
Tens of thousands march in Paris now in support of Kurds
A white supremacist killed at least 3 people in a Kurdish cafe in Paris. Kurdish community is protesting, chanting anti-Turkey and anti-Erdogan slogans and asking for better protection from French authorities
Clashes broke out in central Paris after a gunman killed at least three people and wounded others at a Kurdish community center, a cafe and a hair salon in what officials said was a racist attack
A gunman carried out an attack on 'Ahmet Kaya' Kurdish Culture Centre in Paris, killing at least three people. He was captured and disarmed by people in a nearby barber shop later. The attacker used a pistol —perhaps 9x19mm Star Model B or a similar pistol
Two dead after shooting in central Paris
A 60-year-old man opened fire on the street before being arrested, injuring seven people and killing two in the Porte-Saint-Denis neighborhood of Paris's 10th arrondissement
Shots fired in Paris: the new report shows 2 dead and 4 injured in absolute emergency
Lyon: Ongoing violence in Place Bellecour after France lost in the FIFAWorldCup final. Police use tear gas canisters
French Interior Minister: The causes of the fire that broke out in a building near the city of Lyon are unknown, and we will open an investigation into the incident
At least 10 people killed and 14 injured, including four in critical condition, after fire at apartment building in Vaulx-en-Velin, France, overnight11 month ago
At least 10 people killed and 14 injured, including four in critical condition, after fire at apartment building in Vaulx-en-Velin, France, overnight
France for tomorrow's match France - Morocco mobilizes 10,000 police and gendarmes, 5,000 of them in the Paris region
War in Ukraine: Emmanuel Macron spoke with Volodymyr Zelensky
Supporters in the streets of Calais-Nord to celebrate Les Bleus soccer
11 month ago
1 dead, several missing after explosion, fire on Jersey
Macron: Talking about disagreements over Russia's security guarantees is premature and baseless
Two students from the Saint-Maixent-l'École military school killed in a road accident. A third student was seriously injured and evacuated to hospital with a vital prognosis
French President: The war returns to European lands because of the Russian aggression on Ukraine