30 November 2023
Jewish schools in Paris are being evacuated following bomb threats
French Foreign Ministry: We call on the Israeli authorities to take immediate measures to protect Palestinian civilians
The French President calls for a humanitarian truce in Gaza
1 month ago
France's Macron says any "massive ground invasion" of Gaza would be an error on Israel's part
1 month ago
Macron: Decisive action must be taken to reach a two-state solution
1 month ago
French President: We need to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinians without delay
1 month ago
Macron: I decided to send a French ship to support Gaza hospitals
French Foreign Minister: Hamas does not represent the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip
1 month ago
The French President: We cannot tolerate the actions carried out by Hamas
AFP: France requests a humanitarian truce that may lead to a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip
1 month ago
France completes the withdrawal of its forces from its northern base in Niger as part of the planned departure operation
Joint statement from US President Biden, Canada's PM Trudeau, France's President Emmanuel Macron, Germany's Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Italy's PM Giorgia Meloni, and UK's PM Rishi Sunak on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas:
Netanyahu: The French President and the Dutch Prime Minister will visit Israel on Monday and Tuesday
Israeli sources: Macron decided to postpone his scheduled visit to Israel on Tuesday and did not set another date
Three high-schoolers in Paris were arrested for planning an attack against an Israeli Embassy
1 month ago
Initial report on a mass stabbing attack in Rouen in France, many injured, one dead and the stabber has not yet been caught
French Foreign Ministry: The French death toll since the Hamas attack on southern Israel has risen to 28 people
French Foreign Ministry: The hostages must be released without any conditions
Six airports across France evacuated after emailed 'threats of attack': police source
French Foreign Ministry: The number of French victims of the Hamas attack has risen to 21 dead
French President: The Belgian capital, Brussels, was subjected to a new terrorist attack
Police explosives expert team on site at lycee Gambetta in Arras, northern France
A flight that was going to land in Tel Aviv for missions to evacuate French people from Israel had to change its route due to rocket launches from Gaza towards Israel a short time ago
France: 17 of our citizens were murdered in the terrorist attack by Hamas, another 15 are missing
A man injured two people with a knife in a Marseille business. The individual is on the run
Teacher killed in Arras: the perpetrator is a 20-year-old young man of Chechen origin
Knife attack in an Arras high school: one dead, two seriously injured
The French Foreign Minister says she will visit Israel next Sunday
US, France, Germany, Italy, UK will help Israel 'defend itself': joint statement
Twenty-two explosions occurred at night in Corsica, France. The Corsican National Liberation Front claimed responsibility:  We do not want a common fate with France1 month ago
Twenty-two explosions occurred at night in Corsica, France. The Corsican National Liberation Front claimed responsibility: "We do not want a common fate with France"