25 July 2024
France foreign minister, Stephane Sejourne, suggests sanctions on Israel to get aid into Gaza: "There must be levers of influence and there are multiple levers, going up to sanctions to let humanitarian aid cross check points"
The French Foreign Minister proposes imposing sanctions on Israel for blocking aid into Gaza
3 month ago
The Jordanian King and the Egyptian and French Presidents: We warn of serious consequences of the Israeli attack on Rafah
3 month ago
The UK and France have warned the US that "the world is watching" when it comes to aid for Ukraine
Paris: three dead in a fire in the 11th arrondissement
Vučić in Paris with Macron - talks and numerous topics of great importance for Serbia
French defence minister Lecornu holds phone talks with Russia's Shoigu
Blinken urges an impartial investigation into the Israeli strike on a World Central Kitchen convoy. "The victims of yesterday's strike join a record number of humanitarian workers who've been killed in this conflict. These people are heroes. They have to be protected."
One day after purported Israeli strike on Iranian consular building in Damascus, Blinken in Paris gives same answer as State Dept on Monday,:"We are working to know the facts. We are working every day to prevent a conflict" expanding in Lebanon or elsewhere
Sec Blinken says the US has a longstanding commitment to Israel’s security & to ensuring its ability to defend itself, as he defends US arms transfers to Israel. Says US relationship with Israeli is not just about Gaza & Hamas & Oct 7th, also about threats posed by Hezbollah & Iran
US Secretary of State: A ceasefire must be reached in Gaza
US Secretary of State: We must continue to support Ukraine in confronting Russian aggression
France is calling on the UK & 45 other countries to send 2,000 police officers to Paris this summer to help protect the Olympics from the threat of terror attacks
Agence France-Presse, citing sources: An American-Israeli meeting via video today to discuss the attack on Rafah
French Foreign Minister: The crossings must be opened, aid must enter Gaza, and the hostages must be released without conditions
French Foreign Minister: We are working hard to prevent the outbreak of a comprehensive war between Israel and Hezbollah
French Armed Forces Minister Lecornu says that France aims to produce 100,000 complete 155mm shells this year, 80,000 of which will go to Ukraine, and the rest to the French Army
French Foreign Minister: We welcome the Security Council's decision on the ceasefire in Gaza and it must be fully implemented
Macron: The ISIS branch behind the Moscow attack also targeted France
Macron: We proposed to Russia cooperation in combating terrorism
France: Following the attack in Moscow, a Defense and National Security Council was convened this evening at the Elysée by the President of the Republic. Given the claim for the attack by the Islamic State and the threats weighing on our country, we have decided to raise the Vigipirate posture to its highest level: attack emergency
Macron: We will continue to seek an agreement on a ceasefire in Gaza despite the Russian-Chinese veto
US Department of State: The United States remains committed to deterring and disrupting the Kremlin’s consistent attempts to undermine democracy. Today, @USTreasury is imposing sanctions on entities and individuals connected to a Kremlin-directed disinformation campaign in Europe
French regulator hits Google with 250-million-euro fine
French Army: Russia's statements regarding sending our forces to Ukraine are irresponsible and misleading
4 month ago
Chief of Russian Foreign Intelligence service Naryshkin claims France is preparing 2000 soldiers as the first stage to deploy in Ukraine, claims many French were killed in Ukraine. Says French troops will be priority target for Russian stirkes
Macron: In Marseille and other cities in France, it is an unprecedented operation that we have launched to put a stop to drug trafficking, ensure republican order, and clear the air
French Foreign Ministry: The circumstances and conditions for free elections were not available in Russia
4 month ago
"From now on we will be procuring even more weapons for Ukraine - on the entire world market" - Chancellor Scholz on the results of the meeting with French President Macron and Poland's Prime Minister Tusk
"Our responsibility is to be strong for peace. Our responsibility is to maintain this European unity": Emmanuel Macron speaks after his remarks on the possible sending of troops to Ukraine