23 July 2024
French Foreign Minister from Riyadh: The situation in Gaza is catastrophic and the fire must be stopped
French Foreign Minister: The catastrophic situation in Gaza requires reaching a ceasefire agreement
Macron calls for a joint "European loan" to invest in armaments
Macron urges European countries to develop a "credible" joint defense strategy
Macron: We must develop European cybersecurity capacity
Macron: Europe must show that it is not subordinate to the United States
French President: There is a danger that Europe will die
Macron recalled to Kurti 'France's unwavering support for the independence and European integration of Kosovo'. He underlined 'the importance that France attaches, in context of application to @coe to rapid and irreversible progress in creating Assoc of Serbian Municipalities'
3 month ago
A boat with more than 100 migrants has sunk in the English Channel
French media: 5 migrants died while trying to cross the English Channel
French Presidency: Paris is constantly working to stop the escalation between Israel and Lebanon
Lebanon’s caretaker Prime Minister @Najib_Mikati, French President @EmmanuelMacron discuss Lebanon crisis as Army chief presents military needs in Paris talks
French prosecutors say the attacker of the Iranian consulate acted alone
French police are in an operation aimed at securing the vicinity of the Iranian consulate in Paris
France on Tuesday said it had recalled for consultations the French ambassador to Azerbaijan, accusing Baku of taking actions that have damaged the bilateral relationship.President Emmanuel Macron received ambassador Anne Boillon in Paris to discuss the issue, the foreign ministry said in a statement, accusing Azerbaijan of continuing "in recent months unilateral actions damaging to the relationship between our two countries." via AFP
Macron: What is happening in Sudan is a humanitarian tragedy, and we must mobilize internationally to help the Sudanese
Marseille: A 25-year-old supply worker arrested, 22 kg of cannabis, 3.4 kg of cocaine and a handgun seized. "The traffickers considered that the fact that it was of European type reduced the risks of being detected by the police"
French Foreign Minister: We condemn in the strongest terms the Iranian attack on Israel
The French government has passed messages to Iran warning the government not to escalate. In the meantime, French citizens are advised to refrain from traveling to Iran, Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories in and diplomats's families being pulled out of Tehran
France calls its citizens to avoid from traveling to Israel, Iran and Lebanon
French President: We warned Iran against attacking Israel
France one killed, two wounded in a knife attack in Bordeaux. The suspect is under arrest. Motive is still unclear
France foreign minister, Stephane Sejourne, suggests sanctions on Israel to get aid into Gaza: "There must be levers of influence and there are multiple levers, going up to sanctions to let humanitarian aid cross check points"
The French Foreign Minister proposes imposing sanctions on Israel for blocking aid into Gaza
3 month ago
The Jordanian King and the Egyptian and French Presidents: We warn of serious consequences of the Israeli attack on Rafah
3 month ago
The UK and France have warned the US that "the world is watching" when it comes to aid for Ukraine
Paris: three dead in a fire in the 11th arrondissement
Vučić in Paris with Macron - talks and numerous topics of great importance for Serbia
French defence minister Lecornu holds phone talks with Russia's Shoigu
Blinken urges an impartial investigation into the Israeli strike on a World Central Kitchen convoy. "The victims of yesterday's strike join a record number of humanitarian workers who've been killed in this conflict. These people are heroes. They have to be protected."