1 December 2023
Nantes: New tear gas fire on the course of the 50 protester. There are about 150 demonstrators left
Other images of fires and barricades in Paris, and according to journalist @RemyBuisine, many demonstrators were 300m from the Elysée. PensionReform
Place de la mairie: firework mortars rain down while the police charge.Rennes8 month ago
Place de la mairie: firework mortars rain down while the police charge.Rennes
Police use tear gas canisters to disperse protesters at Place Concorde in Paris (AA correspondent)
Pension reform: the government passes in force and activates the 49
"I engage the responsibility of my government": Elisabeth Borne officially triggers the 49
Military aid to Ukraine: the "light" AMX 10-RC tanks promised in early January by France "have just arrived in Ukraine", announces @SebLecornu before the @AN_Defense commission, without specifying their number
Today, most French cities witnessed demonstrations, and they were not limited to Paris
France is discussing whether the time has come to impose sanctions on "those who obstruct efforts to break the constitutional impasse" in Lebanon
Emmanuel Macron receives Victor Orban at the Élysée to discuss "unity" against Moscow
The procession goes up the rue de la République in Rouen8 month ago
The procession goes up the rue de la République in Rouen
This morning in Marseille, 80 people demonstrated against the Legré-Mante project, between the old Chapel and Place Engalière (8th)
8 month ago
A man taken into police custody in Béthune for aggravated murder, suspected of having killed with a knife his ex-companion who had recently filed a complaint for death threats
"We want to work together and build concrete solutions for our future. I want to salute the new direction that has been taken": @EmmanuelMacron to @RishiSunak
"I am very happy Mr. Prime Minister to meet you at the Elysée. 5 years have passed since the last meeting. This summit is exceptional, it is a moment of reunion, reconnection, and new departure": @EmmanuelMacron to @RishiSunak
In Marseille, a blockage is underway at the Prado-Carénage tunnel. It still does not pass
French Senate voted in favor of Article 7 raising the retirement age from 62 to 64
The charges of the CRS multiply to try to disperse the wild procession in the 13th arrondissement
The outside cgt/south procession arrives at Place d'Italie and joins the other. A demonstration that had to take 2 or even 3 different boulevards. And they were all crowded
Strike of March 7: more than 100,000 demonstrators in Lille according to the CGT
Big movement on the avenue des Gobelins. The forces of order charge, out of control, and find themselves surrounded
French Defense Minister: Our priority is to send missiles to Ukraine, but the talk of sending fighter jets has already begun
The resolution for a just and lasting peace in Ukraine based on the principles of the United Nations is adopted by a very large majority by the UN General Assembly UNGA
Smoke at La Défense district in Paris
9 month ago
Martinique violence: A man killed by firearm, another in cardiac arrest and two wounded by bullets in 24 hours
9 month ago
French Defense Minister: We will deliver AMX-10 light combat tanks to Ukraine by the end of next week
The French MFA urges its citizens to leave Belarus. It's said on the website of the MFA that amid Russia's armed offensive against Ukraine and the closure of the Belarusian airspace, any traveling to Belarus is formally not advised
Opposition groups rally in France demanding EU list Iran's Guards as terrorist group
Macron assures Zelensky of France's desire "to accompany Ukraine towards victory"
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is in France. He will meet @EmmanuelMacron and the German Chancellor @OlafScholz at the Élysée