25 July 2024
France's far-right leader Marine Le Pen faces an investigation over suspicions of illegal campaign financing related to her unsuccessful 2022 bid for the presidency
Biden: France has rejected extremism, and the Americans will reject it too
Left Alliance MP David Gero: We will present our candidate for the position of Prime Minister to the President of the Republic
French Presidency: Emmanuel Macron decides to keep Gabriel Attal as Prime Minister
2 week ago
German Vice Chancellor: We have to closely monitor what will happen in France in the future
French Prime Minister: We will live up to the expectations of the French and we will be loyal to our country
French Prime Minister: A new era for our nation begins tomorrow
French Prime Minister: Based on the republican tradition, I will submit my resignation to the President tomorrow
Preliminary estimates of the French election results indicate that the left will win between 172 and 192 seats
The left-leaning New Popular Front (NFP) alliance is leading the far-right National Rally (RN) and President Emmanuel Macron’s Together bloc, according to the first polls conducted by partners @IpsosFrance/@Talan_World for @FRANCE24
France's left-wing #NewPopularFront coalition won the most seats, but fell short of an absolute majority (pollsters @IpsosFrance/@Talan_World) "The President has a duty to call on the New Popular Front to govern," says founder of the France unbowed party @JLMelenchon
Leader of the French Left Coalition: The will of the people must be respected
2 week ago
Yvelines: an intervention in progress at the Palace of Versailles, security forces on site
Emmanuel Macron in the Council of Ministers: "Withdrawing today for left-wing elected officials against the RN does not mean governing tomorrow with LFI" (participants)
Legislative elections in France: Prime Minister Gabriel Attal suspends the implementation of the controversial unemployment insurance reform
French Prime Minister: We will work to ensure that the "National Rally" does not take place
ESTIMATES 8 p.m. - According to the Ifop-Fiducial projection for Le Figaro, the National Rally would obtain between 240 and 270 deputies in the future Hemicycle compared to 180 to 200 for the New Popular Front. The presidential camp would be limited to between 60 and 90 seats
First results of French Parliament elections: RN & allies to get 34.2%
Polls opened in France's crucial parliament elections which could bring the far-right to power
This morning, the frigate deployed in the Red Sea once again protected the lives of many sailors by destroying a combat aerial drone launched from Yemen towards a commercial ship in the Bab-El-Mandeb Strait1 month ago
This morning, the frigate deployed in the Red Sea once again protected the lives of many sailors by destroying a combat aerial drone launched from Yemen towards a commercial ship in the Bab-El-Mandeb Strait
1 month ago
Knife attack in Metz: Five people were injured with knives, two of them very seriously, - announces the prosecutor
Legislative: 15,000 participants in the demonstration against the extreme right in Lyon according to the CGT, 9,000 according to the prefecture
French Ministry of the Armed Forces: This summer we will hold military air exercises in the Asia-Pacific region
Israel Defense Minister slams France over its stance on Gaza war, says it will not be a part of diplomatic efforts to prevent a war in Lebanon
Leader of the far right in France: We must get France out of the impasse
1 month ago
The Ministry of Defense of Armenia has addressed, through the French embassy in Yerevan, to the French government with an official proposal to prepare a limited contingent of troops for deployment on the territory of Armenia in order to transfer experience and organize technical maintenance of weapons supplied by the French Republic
The head of France's conservative party on Tuesday called for an alliance with the far right in upcoming snap elections, a historic break with the party's longstanding line
Three Renaissance deputies out of 169 do not want to run again
French Finance Minister: The upcoming elections will have dangerous consequences for the Fifth Republic
Marine Le Pen: "We are ready to assume power"