23 July 2024
Macron: We will continue to seek an agreement on a ceasefire in Gaza despite the Russian-Chinese veto
US Department of State: The United States remains committed to deterring and disrupting the Kremlin’s consistent attempts to undermine democracy. Today, @USTreasury is imposing sanctions on entities and individuals connected to a Kremlin-directed disinformation campaign in Europe
French regulator hits Google with 250-million-euro fine
French Army: Russia's statements regarding sending our forces to Ukraine are irresponsible and misleading
4 month ago
Chief of Russian Foreign Intelligence service Naryshkin claims France is preparing 2000 soldiers as the first stage to deploy in Ukraine, claims many French were killed in Ukraine. Says French troops will be priority target for Russian stirkes
Macron: In Marseille and other cities in France, it is an unprecedented operation that we have launched to put a stop to drug trafficking, ensure republican order, and clear the air
French Foreign Ministry: The circumstances and conditions for free elections were not available in Russia
4 month ago
"From now on we will be procuring even more weapons for Ukraine - on the entire world market" - Chancellor Scholz on the results of the meeting with French President Macron and Poland's Prime Minister Tusk
"Our responsibility is to be strong for peace. Our responsibility is to maintain this European unity": Emmanuel Macron speaks after his remarks on the possible sending of troops to Ukraine
"We will produce nearly 75 CAESAR cannons, they will all go to the Ukrainian front," announces Emmanuel Macron
"I never said Israel has an absolute right." - Emmanuel Macron discusses the action of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip after the Hamas attack on October 7.
"You must respect international humanitarian law," says Emmanuel Macron regarding Israel
Emmanuel Macron judges that "the security of Europe and the French is at stake" in Ukraine
Emmanuel Macron: "There is only one part responsible for the situation we are in: it is the Kremlin regime"
Emmanuel Macron: "We are not in a novel or a series. As we speak, there are men and women dying in Ukraine under the responsibility of President Putin"
"If Russia continues its escalation, we will be ready" assures @EmmanuelMacron
Macron recognizes that "we do not have a defense industry adapted to a high-intensity territorial war"
"To decide today to be weak – is already to be in defeat," says Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron: Putin "made the choice to make the Russian Federation a destabilizing power"
Emmanuel Macron: "Our nuclear capacity gives security to the French that few countries in the world have"
"Our nuclear capacity gives us security": Emmanuel Macron responds to the nuclear threat brandished by Putin
Sending troops to Ukraine: Macron "takes responsibility" but affirms that France will "not carry out an offensive"
"Putin's regime is France's adversary" says @EmmanuelMacron
Macron on Ukraine: "There will be no security for the French if there is not peace there, and peace is not the capitulation of Ukraine"
Emmanuel Macron: "Peace is not the capitulation of Ukraine"
War in Ukraine: "We will never lead an offensive, we will never take the initiative", assures Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron: "What we thought was unthinkable is happening: the war is on European soil"
President of Ukraine Zelensky held a telephone conversation with President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron4 month ago
President of Ukraine Zelensky held a telephone conversation with President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron
French arms companies to manufacture directly on Ukrainian soil, defence minister says
There are "no limits" and "no red lines" to France's support for Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron said this afternoon